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The Life

The heart of Palm Desert is just minutes from Ironwood, and offers world class shopping, dining, galleries and entertainment.

“Location is number one. Up against the mountains, protected from the wind, 437 feet above the desert and mostly undeveloped around the golf courses, especially the south. Being up against the mountains is like being on the ocean or a lakefront. It is special and limited.”
— Ken Delf, Ironwood member
"This is the only place in the world to be; it's the best!"
— Pattie Daly Caruso, Ironwood member
“I enjoy the quiet, tranquil environment that’s still a five minute drive to great shopping!”
— Kay Hensey, Ironwood member
In describing Ironwood: Ironwood is “understated and mostly egalitarian - the result of genuine people who are confident, not competitive.”
— Larry Sutter, President of Ironwood Community Association
“Our membership is diverse, vibrant, active and convivial.”
— Mike Flood, Ironwood member